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Buy universal lockable roof rack online in Australia

Everybody wants an extra luggage space for their vehicles. In Australia, people are big on travelling and always being on the run. With lockable roof racks, they not only get extra luggage space for their vehicles but can also carry heavy items like bikes, furniture and more from one place to another. The lockable feature of the roof rack ensures that all the items are safe. They avoid any kind of fall or slip while the vehicle is running.

With Crazykart, you can buy universal lockable roof rack online in Australia in amazing price range. Along with the luggage, you can also place sports equipment’s and home utilities items like sports cycle or ladder. As these items are odd-shaped, it becomes difficult to transport them from one place to another. With these universal lockable roof rack, the transportation will be easy with no extra cost.

Buy good quality universal lockable Aluminium Lockable Roof Rack with easy installation and removal in Brisbane, NSW,Melbourne,Tasmania,Sydney,QLD and Australia

With our range of lockable roof rack, you will find a perfect solution to hold cargo, luggage and other items on board.

These racks are easy to assemble and can be removed in a minute without any cutting or drilling. The roof rack comes with 4 base feet, 2 crossbars and other mounting accessories. The base feet can come in different colours like white, black and grey. The coating is with silver or aluminum and can be installed with no extra tools.

Our universal lockable roof rack can fit most vehicles which have raised side rails with the gap. These tools are lightweight but strong enough as they are made out of heavy-duty aluminum crossbars.

Anti-theft locking system with affordable and durable universal lockable roof.

Lockable roof locks come with anti-theft locking system. With these racks, you can place your luggage and leave it on the top without worrying about theft. The roof lock cannot open in any case without a specific key. It also comes with a few extra spare keys, in case if one gets lost. They are made of durable material and can stand the test of time and harsh weather conditions.

At Crazykart, our motto is to make all the functional and important items available for the general public at affordable price. With our wide range of universal lockable roof rack, you will not have to spend a fortune in keeping your luggage safe and sound.

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